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UBT remains to be an innovative institution of higher education in Kosovo and in region, offers contemporary programs of study based on international quality standards; eminent academics and experts; possibility for external experience (professional studies and practices); modern infrastructure, organization and modern management in UBT (in accordance with ISO 9001); direct link with the economy, academic and international research projects and transfer of tech knowledge, as well as students and highly motivated personel.


Design for All
The International Summer Academy of the UBT has been conceived and established as an annual event to provide for a group of its selected students and other students from the region knowledge and skills on the integrated design issues of our time. A main focus of this year’s program will be the integrated design based upon the real developments in the region. At the closure of the Academy, the students will be awarded certificates.
The International Summer Academy brings together international and local professors as well as students from different countries of Europe. It is a huge value to be part of such an international environment and meet people from different countries.

UBT International Summer Academy on “Integrated Design” serves as a great platform to expand your network and stay in touch with lecturers with excellent backgrounds and from world-leading faculties. Moreover, a range of international students each year participates and you can use this as a networking opportunity and expand your international network, as this will give added value to your personal career network and the chance to stand out.

The students (Bachelor, Master) studying Design, Architecture, Media and communication etc.


At the end of this event students will gain the knowledge on:

  1. Design Metaphors
  2. Design and Activism
  3. Design and Space
  4. Experimental Design
  5. Film, Architecture and Critical Thinking
  6. Abandoned Areas and Urban Spaces
  7. Biomimicry and Interior Design
  8. Theater and Concept of Interior Design
  9. Interior Design and Space
  10. Photo Essay
  11. Photography workshop
  12. Design and Realization of Accessories
  13. Draping on the Stand
  14. Vek Workshop
  15. Designing Sounds through Synthesis
  16. Instrumental Design in the 20th and 21st Century-Developments in Acoustic, Robotic, VR and AI
  17. Field of Mouth as Stamp and the Swimming Pool with YES Fish as High Definition



Design for All

Save the date – 8 July – 12 July 2019

It's up to you to choose on what you want to learn.

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