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UBT remains to be an innovative institution of higher education in Kosovo and in region, offers contemporary programs of study based on international quality standards; eminent academics and experts; possibility for external experience (professional studies and practices); modern infrastructure, organization and modern management in UBT (in accordance with ISO 9001); direct link with the economy, academic and international research projects and transfer of tech knowledge, as well as students and highly motivated personel.

This International Summer Academy will be organized by the Faculty of Management, Business and Economics (MBE) of UBT for the third time as an attempt to increase the general understanding and for the creation and study of innovative banking and finance in order to promote educational advancements for this topic. The purpose of this academy is to utilize credit stress test and modern risk management techniques to forecast the liquidity compliance of commercial banks in Kosovo and the region. The academy will focus on assessing and evaluating risk in banking and insurance sector and propose the appropriate financial compliance systems.

The purpose of this academy is to study techniques and theories in risk management. This unique approach is designed for both, students and professional practitioners. The academy will significantly enhance the existing finance and banking understanding by adding live hands-on analysis and other key components to its contents. The academy will address the critical needs of financial Knowledge in term of its relevancy to the business community and will help to close the gap between theoretical foundation and practical application of investment banking.

The target of this academy are graduates and third year undergraduate students in their final year of studies at UBT and international students, preferably with a major in Banking, Finance and Insurance. The academy focuses on candidates who are interested in banking and finance and highly motivated in becoming future bankers or financial experts. This academy will be mandatory for all the 2nd year masters students, specializing in Finance, Banking and Accounting.

Banking and Finance, Risk assessment and evaluation

Save the date – 2 July – 6 July 2019

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