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UBT remains to be an innovative institution of higher education in Kosovo and in region, offers contemporary programs of study based on international quality standards; eminent academics and experts; possibility for external experience (professional studies and practices); modern infrastructure, organization and modern management in UBT (in accordance with ISO 9001); direct link with the economy, academic and international research projects and transfer of tech knowledge, as well as students and highly motivated personnel.

Aim of the Summer Academy

The Academy through lecturing, discussions with university professors, industry and NGO experts involved in food processing and nutrition, aim to attain highest outcomes by offering cohesive and coherent topics and knowledge on the food science and nutrition.
The International Summer Academy in Food Science and Safe Nutrition offer value added approach through best existing models and highlighting the key need to change and advance, while increasing the participants’ competence with knowledge and skills through problem defining and solving approaches.
Summer Academy aim to cross-cut experience, knowledge by involving non and academicians’, industry and NGO experts.


The Summer Academy on FOOD SCIENCE AND SAFE NUTRITION , covers wide range of topics. Innovatively, producing on such short time a matrix of possible combination on food chain that people, communities and industry face daily.
Therefore, participant will experience real life challenges beginning from nutrition problems at individual, small (community level) and large scale (national level), in Kosovo. Program, define food problems, challenges and orientations on food processing in local and national level, including intolerance and malnutrition at individual level.
The academy, cover topics that society on 21st century is discussing such are estimating and assuring application of “Food Security” concept, sustainability, Food Engineering and Processing, microbiology and impact of food and packaging on food safety. Academy, inform about the role of biotechnology, the sectorial importance to food security and their characteristics; such are cereal breeding and processing, beverage industry, use of biofortified feed to animals used for human consumption heading to food safety and safe nutrition.

Students worldwide in the field of Food and Technology, Nutrition Sciences and Agri-food industry.


The participants, on Food Science and Safe Nutrition Academy, who attend the entire lectures and study visits, lab work, will obtain a certificate with 2 ECTS, based on student workload and those, who attend the majority of program of the Summer Academy, will obtain a “Certificate of Attendance”.

At the end of the UBT Summer Academy 2018, on Food Sciences and Safe Nutrition , participant will be able to evaluate the nutrition challenges at individual, local and national level, understand sectorial importance on Food science, processing, technology and its key important aspects. They will be able to see microbial and packaging challenges of food industry and potential effects on humans body. The students will gain insight knowledge what are upcoming challenges, needs of society and industry they are going to face as researchers and as experts and what they expect from them to solve on the near future.




Sustainable Development through Life Science

Save the date – 11 July – 18 July 2018

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