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UBT remains to be an innovative institution of higher education in Kosovo and in region, offers contemporary programs of study based on international quality standards; eminent academics and experts; possibility for external experience (professional studies and practices); modern infrastructure, organization and modern management in UBT (in accordance with ISO 9001); direct link with the economy, academic and international research projects and transfer of tech knowledge, as well as students and highly motivated personnel.

Energy is essential to our daily lives. It heats our homes, fuels our transport and supplies our electricity.
Achievement of the energy efficiency objectives will require a strong boost in Research and Innovation investments to remove current technological and market uptake obstacles.
Challenges for the entire energy system, among which are the need to increase energy efficiency in buildings and the need to activate consumers at the center of the energy system.
The focus of this International Summer Academy will be on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Particular attention is given to the Buildings which offers the highest potential for efficiency improvement and savings on energy bills. The academy will start with Space Sciences, where students will have opportunity to learn about Astronomy and Solar system, as the main sours of energy of our planet, then will continue with different types and characteristic of the Smart materials, and the way to integrate them in Efficient Smart Buildings which is the main scope of this International Summer Academy.
The outcome of this International Summer Academy will be more aware participant’s regarding preservation and utilization of the energy.

The Academy will cover topics from Astronomy and Astrophysics, Solar System, Types and Characteristics of Smart Materials, Smart Material Houses, Smart Grids and Smart Buildings, Residential Buildings, Modern Power System Planning, Electric Power Transmission and Distribution.

The students (Bachelor, Master) studying in Natural and Technical Sciences, Mechatronics Management, Energy Efficiency Engineering, Computer Science Engineering, and Architecture.


All participants that have participated the %50 of the International Summer Academy will take the certificate of participation to the International Summer Academy on Energy Efficiency in Buildings. At the end of the International Summer Academy the exam will be organized and the participants passing the exam will take the certificate of completion with 2 ECTS. For UBT students these credits can substitute a free elective course in any faculty at UBT depending on the decision of the Dean of the corresponding faculty.

At the end of this event students will gain the knowledge on Energy Efficiency in Buildings which offers the highest potential for efficiency improvement. Students will become familiar with space science, smart materials and modern power system and will gain the knowledge how this science and technologies can be organized in order to get highest energy efficiency.


Green Energy – Energy of the future

Save the date – 6 July – 15 July 2017

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