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All these make UBT- an education institution in the future of Kosovo and a modern institution in Europe.In the future months and years, UBT, in many ways, seems more advanced than today, by sticking to his vision of "Top Education for Top Students" and "Succeed with Quality".

UBT remains to be an innovative institution of higher education in Kosovo and in region, offers contemporary programs of study based on international quality standards; eminent academics and experts; possibility for external experience (professional studies and practices); modern infrastructure, organization and modern management in UBT (in accordance with ISO 9001); direct link with the economy, academic and international research projects and transfer of tech knowledge, as well as students and highly motivated personel.

The Summer School is designed to offer one week, 8 modules, and every module is developed independent from 2-4 day, that gives student possibilities to have extra modules as added value to their studies and profesional carries building. The aim of the summer academy is to provide module that prepare students on positive approach to the profession of architecs and be more socialised with public spaces and build professional attidue for tretment of social probles related and perfomed by profession of architec.
The participants will have possibility to work with professors and professionals in the several fileds and the know how transfer will be possible through lectures and workshops in a small groups and every group activity will produce a solution treted during the workshop.
Students will gain skills based on module selected and will have extended information related to real case studies that will be treated during every moduel. As side positive benefite for participatns is socialisation and social responsibility that every module transmit to the participants.
Modules will address several positive approaches toward sustainable design and efficiency application as precondition for system thinking during design and project implementation.

The topics that this summer academy offers are:

  • Wood application in Architecture
  • Architecture Competition
  • Composite Drawing
  • Digital Architecture
  • Sustainable Design
  • Urban ManagementRecycled building materials application in ArchitecturePlanning and design standards-Barrier free communications



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